Vissal Mathew | IDS NEXT

Vissal Mathew

Founder & Executive Vice Chairman


Vissal Mathew is a man with many feathers in his hat. He is the co-founder and executive vice chairman for IDS. He is responsible for maximising the organisation’s operating performance and achieving its financial goals. He has been key to implement some of the security features of the infrastructure and platform that IDS products work on. He has also been instrumental in promoting innovations on product development. Besides that, his experience and judgements are pivotal in implementation of the organizations vision and mission.

Sensitive to customer needs, he is also responsible for guiding other executive leaders especially in areas of training, implementation and technical support for IDS clients. Vissal shares with Suresh the zest and passion for hospitality technology and his unique acumen has made reach IDS reach the zeniths of success. His work philosophy lies is bringing radical and innovative changes to the organization in a fast changing technology era. It has indeed bought IDS to the forefront in quality processes, and product quality to ensure maximum client satisfaction. He is the man behind empowering every individual working in IDS with his work ethics and pleasant demeanor. Vissal has a penchant for restoring vintage audio and computer systems and is extremely fond of photography and music.