IDS FX I/O is a cloud-based platform built to simplify the various data exchange and connect needs of a hotel. It acts as a one-stop connector with internal and external products, binding to the underlying on-premise PMS as well as the latest cloud PMS systems.

Key Features

Easy integrations

Eliminates on-premise configuration for products and connects, enabling seamless integrations across software

Certified technology

Follows industry-standard communication protocols that reference HTNG and OTA specifications

Easy maintenance

Eliminates the need for complex maintenance procedures to keep the integration alive

Enhance scalability

Makes integrations possible anytime, enabling easy adding and removing of software


  • 360-degree view of the data movement between PMS and external products in a single window.
  • Creates the scope for integrations with various programmes.
  • Central connection for all partner products.

The platform can process millions of messages from hotel systems, connecting hotels across different time zones. It also connects with all major CRS and channel managers enabling two-way ARI and booking sync.

Single sign-in web portals providing comprehensive information

Provides last mile connectivity with on-premise hotel PMS

Highly secured API’s to provide data to various web and mobile applications
Automated database scaling based on peak time requests

Automatic alerts on reminders on hotel connectivity status

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