FortuneNext HR and Payroll module automates the salary calculations of hotel employees based on the predefined earning and deduction codes while considering any attendance and leave information. This module also manages HR activities relating to the application process for recruitments, interviews, and offer letters.

Key Features

Handles training management
Facilitates employee tagging

Manages training schedules

Default attendance posting

Easy leave management


Simple tracking and costing

This module automates multi-unit and multi-department salary calculation tasks eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks. It can integrate with third-party attendance recording systems and biometric systems to capture attendance to process the salary. The interface also connects to finance to handle payables and receivables.

Job requirements

This option enables you to define the job requirements and the description, for a particular department. The head of each department can send a request to the human resource department for new vacancies along with the details and requirements of the vacancy. 

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