FortuneNext Report Builder module is a reporting and data analytical processing tool which can fetch data from the operational inputs from the respective properties and convert it to user-friendly Microsoft Excel sheets. This module enhances accessibility to hotel data while maximising data security, simplifying all data-related processes.

Key Features

Can be hosted locally or on-cloud

Provides updated data on demand

Single and multi-property enabled

User-friendly, intuitive report formats

Customisable data analysis


Simplified data analysis

This module creates Excel sheets that provide access to authorised users to customise the report and review hotel data. The module can create automated reports in response to user specified criteria, distributing them to specific people in their preferred format. These functions enable dynamic access to data from any source, facilitating easy and accurate decision making.

Boundary customisations

This option allows the user to edit and customise the boundaries of reports and add filters as per their requirements. Defining boundaries enable users to view the exact information they need in a particular report, facilitating quick data accessibility.

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