FortuneNext Food & Beverage Costing module gives insight into F&B sales, providing hoteliers better control over F&B expenses and consumption. The module calculates cost percentages by analysing data from online modules to ensure cost-efficiency in F&B processes. Food & Beverage Costing empowers the staff to create the best recipes that suit the customer’s needs as well as the business’ demands.

Key Features

Provides kitchen and bar stock analysis

Standard vs actual cost reporting
Facilitates third-party POS integrations
Detailed recipe master with ingredients
Accurate consumption and sales values


Simple tracking and costing

This module automates bar and stock management for better inventory control. It facilitates consumption-based and recipe-based costing methodologies as well as profitability analysis with a drill down option up to KOT level. The module allows sales and consumption entries to be made manually, enabling the staff to keep track easily.

Sales/cost budgets

The Sales Budget option can be used to define the sales budget for restaurant or kitchen, to later analyse the variance in sales and cost reports. The Cost Budget option can be used to define cost budgets for all cost types such as food, liquor, tobacco, and soft drinks.

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