FortuneNext Maintenance Management module consists of an equipment master and details on preventive maintenance. Consolidating maintenance-related queries, all the complaints are registered within the module and jobs assigned as per the complaints. It enables monitoring complaints, their status and the action taken for the same.

Key Features

Engages in vendor analysis

Facilitates quotation maintenance

Details of equipment available

Easy and comprehensive reporting

Prioritises the complaints and tasks


Streamlined maintenance

This module enables on-premise engineering and maintenance through a user-friendly interface incorporating indent management and acquisition management. It facilitates registering complaints for rooms or any other common areas and allows recording the actions taken to resolve the issue.

Action taken

Using this option, the details of the actual work, including the equipment rectified, spares changed, and the time taken against a complaint or PM task can be recorded. The cost analysis of the work done, and the repair details are also be entered using this option.

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