Top Priorities for Hoteliers to Include in Post Covid Recovery Plans

by | Feb 15, 2021

Vaccine approvals, new viruses, high infection rates, and new travel restrictions; the loop does not seem to end and we don’t know what other exciting things this year has in store for us. However, on the bright side, hoteliers are used to dealing with ‘business unusual. And although consumer confidence keeps rattling like a loose tile, there is still no doubt that whenever restrictions ease down a bit, travel enthusiasts or not, people will show an interest in going out and about, far far away from home. Keep scrolling to find out the priorities hoteliers should include in a post-crisis recovery plan.

Prepare for Changes in Demand

As previously mentioned, travel demand has recently become highly volatile with several erratic peaks and troughs. The best way to prepare for this traumatically volatile phenomenon is by monitoring the market and the travel restrictions set in place by the government. By looking at significant forecast changes for future months and understanding which segments are responsible for the upswing, hotels will be able to accurately identify and target potential business. Hoteliers should also ask who their potential guests are going to be and how they can tailor accordingly to the changing needs of their guests.

Focus On a Suitable Marketing Strategy

It is all about the number of eyeballs your hotel can attract and the number of heads your marketing strategy can turn! Although sometimes hoteliers disregard this expense, at times like these, the marketing strategy of a hotel can have a significant impact on revenue and long-term profits. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t sell anything if you don’t tell anything’. It is vital for hoteliers to plan their resources and focus on the marketing activities that have the highest return on investment in order to communicate with their potential guests. Hoteliers could focus on creative promotions, scrutinize local markets, use digital platforms, and revamp their websites to offer direct bookings.

Offer an Unparalleled Experience

Since breakfast buffets and BBQ parties are confined to history, hoteliers have to look for other ways to actively engage guests. Now that personalisation is like the cherry on top for hospitality, hoteliers need to study the preferences of their tech-savvy travellers and be ready to give what they want and more with the help of tech. Quite ironically, getting a bit of tech in the system might actually help hoteliers give a much more personalised experience to their guests than ever before!

Implement Proper Hygiene Standards and Protocols

The recent times have inevitably turned most of us into germaphobes with a violent desire to freak out every time we forget the hand sanitiser bottle. And when it comes to staying at a hotel, travellers will naturally be health conscious. Hoteliers need to make assurances that their hotel is undertaking best practices in this area. On top of complying with any government and industry instated requirements, hoteliers have to assess every area of the property for any improvements and precautions. A few steps to take include:

  • Providing your guests and staff with PPE
  • Setting up hand sanitisation stations
  • Sharing information about mandatory stations
  • Spacing out seating in lobby
  • Minimising physical touch points with the use of tech

Going Contactless

The role of contactless solutions is now more significant than ever before. What was then an option is now essential for hoteliers to instill a sense of safety and assure their guests that they are in good hands. From check-in and stay to checkout, contactless solutions like FX GeM assist hoteliers in carrying out a digitalized, frictionless process and offer guests a hands-free experience.

Varadharajan Athmanathan | IDS NEXT


Varadharajan Athmanathan

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