Top five things to consider when purchasing a PMS software for hotels

by | Mar 16, 2023

Good software is the backbone of every successful operation in the digital age, including those in the hospitality industry. Finance Online reports that new technology in the hospitality industry drives a 135% increase in online revenue alone, making it an essential infrastructure for almost every contemporary hospitality business.

In this light, the right Property Management Solution (PMS) is an invaluable asset of crucial insights, automated workflows and streamlined operations that helps hoteliers optimise their services to market trends and forecasted buyer behaviours and stay atop the competition. In a customer-centric industry like hospitality, an ideal Property Management Software should be able to establish a seamless guest experience and build a better brand image in the eyes of the guest.

What hoteliers of the 21st century require is a solution that can meet their unique and evolving needs. Here are five significant factors that hoteliers need to tick off when choosing the ideal hotel PMS software for their business.

1. Automation, customisation and navigability

Every software solution promises a list of features. The best solution, however, should be a suite of tools that enable hoteliers to automate multiple operations without overexerting their staff.

A good PMS solution can be configured to automate a hotel’s critical front and back-end processes, streamlining everything from check-in and check-outs to invoicing and report-making. Shifting to digitalised operations means that hoteliers need a solution that transforms manual processes into a more convenient and effortless experience for staff and guests alike. This means features like;

  • Automated reporting and insights that help hoteliers make informed decisions.
  • Data monetisation and personalisation with a host of guest information like past transaction details.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies operations for even less than tech-savvy staff members.
  • Review management features that allow for better online presence 

2. Mobility and accessibility for staff

A PMS solution that is accessible on multiple platforms—like a phone, tablet or web browser—ensures that hotel employees are never disconnected from operations. It is also the ideal solution for modern businesses as it can cover the needs of large venues, remote working setups, and employees working on flexible shifts.

According to latest insights, 81% of modern travellers expect a better digital customer experience from hotels. Therefore, accessibility in SaaS solutions also should mean that every staff member has instant access to information from wherever they are in the venue, quickly respond to guest demands and be swift-footed and productive. It’s essential to ensure that the chosen software is compatible with the most popular devices and operating systems.

Further, hotel PMS that is available on mobile platforms enable the staff to manage operations from anywhere anytime, such as guest check-in and check-out enabling them to be highly productive even during peak seasons or busy days.

3. Cybersecurity and data protection standards

Cybercriminals deem the hospitality sector an ideal target for identity theft and credit card fraud as the sector hosts multiple databases containing Payment Card Information (PCI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

As hotel PMS software stores sensitive and confidential information about the business and its guests, ensuring the security and integrity of those data is a vital responsibility that hoteliers shouldn’t overlook. The software chosen by hoteliers must have robust cybersecurity tools integrated and should comply with the data protection regulations of their operating regions. Data should be stored and transferred securely, and access to critical information should be managed accordingly.

When investing in a software solution, it’s critical to check if the solution comes with local and international data protection standards. For example, PA DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) certified, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant solutions are more likely to keep cyberattacks at bay and protect the integrity of data.

4. A strong customer support system

Migrating to digitalised operations continues beyond the software implementation stage. Instead, for hotel staff to operate perfectly with a PMS, there need to be timely updates and any issues that spring up need to be addressed immediately.

Working with technology, it’s important to understand that there can be technical issues anytime. In case something goes wrong with the system, if the staff finds it difficult to use it, or if any features require explanation, there needs to be a strong customer support team that a hotel can rely on for help.

An agile and demanding industry like hospitality requires 24/7 local and online tech support available in multiple languages to prevent miscommunication, operational downtime and bottlenecks. Having access to a specialised support team at all times can fix any software issues quickly without disrupting the guest experience. When choosing a PMS solution for a hospitality business, hoteliers can explore the service options and commitments a provider offers as their customer support before making an investment.

5. Technological advancements and capacity

The best PMS software for a hospitality business empowers it to be smart and sophisticated; it should be updated with the latest trends in the world of technology so that the hoteliers can cater to the needs of the contemporary guests.

The best solutions can be used anytime, anywhere, with seamless transfer of data and information among the users. For instance, cloud-based solutions can be accessed by every key staff member, making operations far less frictionless.

Another requirement is the ability to integrate with other systems and third-party providers that the hotel staff already rely on. When looking into new software solutions, choosing one that integrates successfully with other relevant systems is essential to make the operations flow as smoothly as possible.

Smart solutions require smart choices

Seamless operations, responsiveness and efficiency, have become as essential to creating the ultimate guest experience in hospitality as much as basic necessities like a stellar menu, running water or reliable electricity. Yet not all Property Management Solutions bring hoteliers what they want, making it essential to carefully consider the above factors when investing in the right solution.

The best software can score all points of a successful contemporary business; establishing accurate operations with reduced time and money wastage, resolving employee burnout and ending all guest pain points.