Spotless strategies: the winning formula for hotel housekeeping solutions   

by | May 29, 2024

Efficient hotel housekeeping is crucial to meeting guest expectations. Guest-centric enhancements have always been the goal of every hospitality business owner and has been the primary focus for implementing innovative and automated solutions. However, in the face of rapidly evolving guest demands and operational complexities, have they considered the back-end operations—such as housekeeping—and their role in improving guest-centric services?

The need for innovative housekeeping solutions

In a digital age where technology is a core aspect of our lives, the hospitality industry is no exception. Presently, the expectation levels of most guests are always seamless experiences, from check-in to check-out. The fast pace with which travel and tourism are growing has proven that the traditional methods of manual task assignment and paper-based communication are becoming obsolete.

According to Revfine, on average, housekeepers are assigned 21.9 rooms per day. That is way above the industry standard of 12–15 rooms daily. They also stress that 90% of travellers will avoid booking hotels described as ‘dirty’ in a review. This means that the automation of specific tasks in the maintenance and room management processes can significantly reduce the labour intensity of housekeeping staff in accomplishing tasks. Bonusly’s 2019 Employee Engagement and Modern Workplace Report shows that happy and actively engaged workers are 75% less likely to seek another job. This is incredibly important in hospitality, an industry with the lowest staff retention rate.

Key features that drive the success of modern housekeeping strategies

Smart housekeeping solutions combine advanced features, intuitive design, and seamless integration, providing a holistic solution for modern housekeeping challenges.

Smart task assignment

At the core of 21st-century hotel operations is smart task assignment. Traditional methods often lead to inefficient resource allocation, resulting in increased turnaround times and potential guest dissatisfaction. Hotel cloud software and advanced algorithms enable intelligent task assignment based on room occupancy, staff availability, and priority levels. Consequently, it optimises efficiency and completes critical tasks faster, contributing to an immaculate and timely guest experience.

Real-time monitoring

In the fast-paced hospitality environment, real-time monitoring is crucial. Digital solutions help managers keep a close eye on housekeeping operations in real-time and respond promptly to any urgent needs that arise. This means adjustments can be made on the fly, resources can be redirected as needed, and potential issues can be addressed before they impact the guest experience. This ensures that hotels stay one step ahead of their guests’ needs.

Mobile accessibility

The hospitality industry is dynamic, and staff mobility is vital to success. With smart solutions accessible on mobile devices, housekeeping staff can receive task updates, report issues, and communicate with the front desk from wherever they are. This not only enhances communication but also empowers staff to provide swift and efficient service, be aware of hotel needs, and contribute to the hotel’s overall success.

Seamless integration

In a world where various aspects of hotel management are interconnected, seamless integration is compulsory to enable flexibility. Smart cloud solutions seamlessly integrate with other core modules, providing an overall unified platform experience for hoteliers. This allows them to maintain a precise record of supplies, contributing to enhanced security and inventory control. The integration capabilities also ensure that information flows seamlessly between different departments, contributing to a more cohesive and responsive operational environment.

Data and operational insights

Access to data through the integration of different applications facilitates the provision of customised housekeeping solutions to extended-stay guests. The staff can customise and clean their rooms depending on guest preferences. This will further help in enhancing guest satisfaction rates, creating lasting guest relationships, and improving their loyalty towards a brand.

The winning formula

Smart cloud housekeeping solutions directly translate into a positive impact on guests. The intelligent task assignment ensures that rooms are cleaned promptly, reducing wait times and contributing to overall guest satisfaction. Real-time monitoring means hotels can proactively address any issues, ensuring guests have a seamless and enjoyable stay. The mobile accessibility of these solutions empowers housekeeping staff to be more responsive to guest requests, enhancing the level of service provided. When guests see a hotel that is efficient, responsive, and committed to cleanliness, it leaves a lasting impression, contributing to positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. A winning formula is not just about streamlining operations; it is about keeping the guests happy by enhancing their journeys.

Varadharajan Athmanathan | IDS NEXT


Varadharajan Athmanathan

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