How to choose the right housekeeping software solution for a hotel

by | Feb 8, 2024

Housekeeping is an essential element in hotel operations. It is entirely responsible for maintaining quality standards as it directly impacts the appearance, cleanliness and attractiveness of hotel space to guests.

Post pandemic, cleaning common spaces, sanitising touch points, and disinfecting rooms after each guest checkout have become not only a guest need but also a legal requirement. Housekeeping software for hotels plays a pivotal role in systematic maintenance and preparation of the property for guests.

Why do you need a housekeeping software solution for a hotel

Using housekeeping software allows maintenance and cleaning workflows to be clear, precise and measurable. Housekeeping software for hotels enables jobs to be identified, thereby limiting errors, mistakes and miscommunication of duties and responsibilities.

1. Improve guest experience

Effective and efficient housekeeping can improve the guest experience. The number of rooms in out-of-service condition will be limited and rooms will be clean and prepared with the right amenities for the guests. The cleanliness, appearance and quality of a hotel are heavily complemented by housekeeping activity. Cleanliness is also one of the significant factors in developing a solid first impression on customers, inviting and enticing customers to feel luxury as and when they enter the hotel premises.

2. Increase employee productivity

A housekeeping software solution enables the hotel staff to break down activities into smaller tasks, allocate tasks to the right personnel at the right time and keep a track record of completed tasks to monitor the completion of various housekeeping activities. As a result, it can also increase employee productivity, reducing time waste and the time taken to turn around a room once a guest checks out. Following the protocols for cleaning rooms can also be provided with a checklist through the right housekeeping software for hotels.

3. Faster room recovery

The right kind of software for housekeeping will assist in ensuring rooms are serviced prior to guest arrival and foresees future operational needs. For instance, a rise in demand would mean excess housekeeping staff to shorten the turnaround time of a room. Additionally, the software can refill rooms’ inventory before they run short and hinder customer experience. Efficient housekeeping has a direct impact on the revenue creation of a hotel operation. For example, a fully stocked mini-bar can increase room revenue more than an empty mini-bar. Moreover, cleaning various equipment before they run into repairs is a proactive method for efficient housekeeping management.

Things to look for in housekeeping software

Housekeeping software for hotels can include several aspects that provide a smooth operation to the overall functionality of the hotel.

1. Seamless integrations

A hotel’s housekeeping software needs to be integrated with its Property Management System (PMS), building seamless connectivity with its front office. A PMS can allocate cleaned rooms for new customers to check in within seconds. A PMS integrated with housekeeping management software establishes easy coordination across various departments, reducing lobby waiting time, helping guests retrieve lost items and tracking additional consumption of mini-bar and room amenities for financial processes.

2. Smooth transition of fixtures

Accurate record handling of housekeeping tasks provides smooth transition of fixtures and fittings of a hotel to function efficiently. The downtime of equipment and repair and remodelling needs will be anticipated before they occur. Repairs can be made before it fails to meet customer needs. Accurate maintenance of equipment can reduce customer dissatisfaction and avoid wait times, operational downtimes and bottlenecks in workflows.

3. Providing immaculate service quality

Restocking the mini-bar and other in-room facilities can enhance the customer experience. Understocked or expired items in mini bars lead to customer inconvenience and dissatisfaction. The inability of the housekeeping teams to meet customer needs during their stay at the hotel can impact the overall customer satisfaction and, therefore, the hotel’s reputation. Therefore, the right solution needs to facilitate enhanced housekeeping, with accurate updates on room inventories, communication among employees and a swift flow of data.

4. Better forecast resource planning

An effective housekeeping system integrated with a PMS can better forecast the human resource planning for peak and off-peak seasons. PMS can forecast demand for room nights accurately, conveying the message to increase or reduce the staff as per housekeeping needs. Accurate workforce planning helps the hotel maintain a high quality of service during peak seasons and manage costs by reducing staffing during off-peak seasons.

Hotel housekeeping solutions defines the guest impressions

Selecting the right housekeeping software solution for a hotel is pivotal in today’s hospitality landscape, especially since it directly impacts guest service. Housekeeping’s significance in maintaining cleanliness, guest satisfaction and operational efficiency cannot be overstated, especially in the context of post-pandemic hygiene requirements.

A well-chosen housekeeping software system streamlines workflows, minimises errors, and anticipates operational needs, ultimately driving revenue generation.

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