Unleash the Power of FX Book Your Table

The power of our cloud-based platform revolutionises restaurant table reservation and channel management. In our webinar, learn how FX BYT simplifies the complexities of overseeing table availability, reservations, booking sources, and capacity.

Don’t miss out on learning how FX BYT can elevate your restaurant’s efficiency and enhance the overall dining experience. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, manager, or an industry enthusiast, this webinar is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of modern table reservation and channel management.

Experience the convenience of automatic communication and report generation capabilities, allowing you to stay on top of your restaurant’s performance without hassle.

Take this opportunity to elevate your restaurant management game! Join us for this insightful webinar and unleash the power of FX – Book Your Table (FX BYT).

Webinar Details

5th March, 2024

3:00pm to 4:00pm IST


Mark J Shaw

Manager – Future Tech,
Mobility, Design, IDS Next

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