Binu Mathews

Director and Chief Executive Officer


Binu, the Director and Chief Executive Officer of IDS Next, stands as the driving force behind the company’s remarkable success. With a career spanning over three decades, Binu has showcased unparalleled expertise, particularly in steering IDS Next to prominence in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia Pacific. His leadership played a pivotal role in positioning IDS as Asia’s largest hospitality technology enterprise solutions provider.

Binu’s leadership style has been instrumental in guiding diverse teams to excellence, emphasising collaborative leadership and the strength of collective effort. He has excelled in navigating established enterprises through periods of growth and innovation, drawing on extensive regional experience managing operations not only in the Middle East and Asia Pacific but also on a global scale.

As a seasoned executive, Binu has held leadership positions across industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, and information technology. Before resuming the role of CEO at IDS Next, he served as the President and COO, earning a reputation as a “Change agent” for driving process changes towards global excellence and innovation. His leadership led IDS to become the only company in the industry with full-stack ERP solutions for hotels, restaurants, banquets, wellness, and leisure industries.

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Prior to his tenure at IDS Next, Binu held various leadership positions, including as Director of Reznext, a hotel channel management and distribution company. He also lead the operations at SoftBrands, nowknown as Infor, a cloud ERP solutions leader for various sectors, including manufacturing and hospitality. His roles included General Manager at Systems Plus, recognised for exceptional technology consulting and more. Throughout his career, Binu has been known as a catalyst for positive change and innovative growth.

Binu lives with his family in Bangalore, India when not travelling around the globe and inspiring the IDS Team and partners to keep on excelling at what they do!

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