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FortuneNext Enterprise enables Kokopo Resort Boost Productivity by 18%

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Customer Brief

Kokopo Village Resort is a beautiful holiday destination in idyllic Papua New Guinea. This holiday destination, known for excellent service and customer-friendly practices, was a popular choice with tourists.

However, as Kokopo Town began to emerge prominently on the tourism map, there was a sharp increase in hospitality ventures. Suddenly, there were more hotels, resorts, cafes and eateries, and Kokopo Village Resort had to rethink their competitive advantage. They decided to embrace smart technology that made a difference in order to automate their automate processes to enhance efficiency and dramatically improve customer experience.

Business Challenges

Hospitality enterprises often deals with different vendors for different requirements of their software and technology systems. The result: lack of a centralised and unified information management system, multiple vendor coordination issues, and disjointed processes and views.

There were a host of other operational challenges, including:

  • Tracking inventory and tracing material costs.
  • Accessing business details such as precise occupancy rates and customer spending.
  • Tracking room availability along with room revenue.
  • Reducing the manual effort and time taken to get visibility into processes.

When Kokopo Village Resort decided to adopt a technology solution to keep their business agile and growing, they found a simple answer to this challenge: IDS FortuneNext Enterprise. This single, comprehensive offering catered to their multiple functional and departmental needs, helped usher in smarter processes and improved productivity.


IDS FortuneNext Enterprise emerged as the right-fit solution, with its unique ability to cover all aspects and functions of the Resort’s operations. From managing reservations to tracking inventory, this comprehensive property management solution became a centralised, efficient way of keeping the Resort’s personnel and customers happy.

Key modules IDS FortuneNext Enterprise deployed at Kokopo Village Resort

  • Front Office Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Banquets
  • Telephone Management
  • Materials Management
  • Food and Beverages Costing
  • Financial Management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality Management
  • SMS Alerts

Additional Features that helped Kokopo Village Resort stay future-ready

  • Strong reporting and control functions
  • Compliance with local regulatory requirements
  • Plug-and-play interfaces for third-party products to enable seamless hotel automation
  • Easy-to-maintain technical build, which supports faster updates, and greater security
  • 100% application uptime and complete scalability
  • No unique hardware investments
  • 24×7, live, multi-lingual support, and free user training

Business Impact

Kokopo Village Resort realised the benefits of having a single vendor deploy a comprehensive solution to cover all their requirements. With IDS FortuneNext Enterprise, they gained:

  • Improved profitability – Greater control over everyday operations, which led to enhanced profitability. Drag-and-drop check-in and check-out, multi-window bill split option, revenue management tools, enhanced audit modules including a night audit feature, and other intelligent features that boosted enterprise productivity by 18%. Food and Beverage gross margins also increased by 18.5%.
  • Single, unified view of data – for gathering business intelligence. Kokopo Village Resort now accesses relevant information based on criteria such as market segments and business sources with a mouse-click, to make critical decisions quickly.
  • Simplified, integrated processes and operations – across departments. A single, central solution resulted in standardized practices across departments, and a smoother information sharing experience. It has eliminated data redundancies, stand-alone processes, and subsequent confusions.
  • Better customer acquisition and retention – with nuanced view of guest profiles and behaviour. The Resort can easily see who is a repeat guest, know how much a customer has spent, and go the extra mile to make their stay a memorable one. Faster processes and ready access to data also means quick responses to queries and requests.
  • Reduced time and increased accuracy – in completing essential tasks. An easy-to-use interface, customisable parametres, SMS alerts engine to remind staff of bills and room activities, and similar features have made it simple to navigate through modules and optimise the solution.

“IDS Next provided a solution that is everything hospitality. It allowed us to make decisions with peace of mind because within a few keyboard strokes you have data that affirms your decision. For everything from guest satisfaction to improving operational efficiency, this is the tool.”

Douglas Pidi
Kokopo Village Resort, Papua New Guinea

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