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Micro Sun & Solutions Plc

Ethiopia  |  Information Technology Solutions

Focused on high-quality and cost-effective software development and implementation of services, Micro Sun & Solutions Plc began its journey in January 1997. We started operations as a Hardware, Software, and Network Solutions providing company, and have since then gained wide exposure and experience within the IT field. Our team includes young, qualified business graduates and IT professionals from renowned universities across the globe. MSS has grown to become an acclaimed vertically integrated IT professional group, best known for delivering turnkey projects in Ethiopia and the Middle East.

Over the last three decades, MSS has grown progressively. With a clear vision of our future goals in mind, we signed a partnership with IDS Next, the maker of renowned world-class software to a growing hospitality industry across the globe. A partnership as such with the global leader in providing Hotel ERP and Software Solutions to the hospitality and leisure industries would further our aim of providing our services of excellence to the customers in those industries.

The Management of IDS impressed us tremendously with their commitment. Owing to their efforts, the hospitality industry in Ethiopia received a fantastic opportunity to access a 360-degree software offering. IDS Next empowered hospitality properties across market segments and sizes with a Hotel ERP which seamlessly integrated with a host of distribution channels, business intelligence solutions, revenue management solutions, online reputation management, and more. The software is now used in over 40 countries, customised to the needs of the hospitality industry in each region.

“With the professional support and knowledge transfer from IDS Next, MSS today provides support and services across Ethiopia for 50+ hospitality customers…”

On 30th August 2014, Micro Sun & Solutions PLC received the ERCA (Ethiopian Revenue & Customs Authority) certification for both the front office and point of sale software of the IDS Next Hotel ERP. This allowed MSS to sell IDS Next’s hotel software solutions across Ethiopia.

The ERCA is an autonomous federal agency responsible for collecting revenue from customs duties and domestic taxes. According to ERCA guidelines, all sales register users (transactions done via POS) must configure their fiscal printers to fulfill several obligations on the country’s taxation policy. Once the fiscal printer is configured as per ERCA norms, it ensures accurate taxation by recording every taxable transaction.

Integrating with IDS Solutions brought with it a myriad of benefits. Uniqueness is a striking feature of IDS Next’s Fortune NEXT 6i Suite of Hotel ERP, with its comprehensive 12 modules of the Hotel ERP all running on a single database. Hoteliers are assured that their guests’ payment card details are hacker-proof since the software is PA DSS Certified. The software is multilingual and facilitates multiple currencies further enhancing its user-friendliness. Fortune NEXT does not require a night audit shut down, has a host of short cuts for hotel staff to work faster, and has a robust guest history as well.

With the continuing professional support and knowledge transfer from IDS Next, MSS today provides support and services across Ethiopia for 50+ hospitality customers and has created job opportunities for over 10+ local ICT Professionals. IDS Next technology has irrefutably empowered hotels and the hospitality industry across Ethiopia to reach new heights.

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IDS is well organised, responsive, and has excellent products with hotel domain experts. The training and support from the IDS local service support team greatly improved the hotel domain knowledge and service quality. Their support for Ahtar Oo was impressive, allowing us to respond to clients promptly and professionally. This partnership and engagement have awarded us more progress as a company, and today we manage local L1 support. With the excellent support and training by IDS, we are looking forward to expanding to other ASEAN regions.

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