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D2U Net

South Pacific  |  Information Technology Solutions

D2UNet has nearly 40 years of experience providing a wide range of accessible technology solutions as a pioneer in the industry. We are known for our expertise in providing the finest networking solutions to several leading global brands including Dell, Radwin, and Cisco. Today, D2UNet has expanded to several sectors that require information technology solutions, including hospitality, retail, education, mining and utilities and more.

At D2U, we offer a comprehensive range of network services, from implementing to maintaining digital solutions for your business. Our team of experts ensures providing novel products that reinforce global businesses in their brand strength and growth, supporting them with solutions that cover e-business solutions, ICT & MSP, CCTV surveillance, telematics, AI solutions, telemedicine, Internet of Things and sustainable energy.

D2UNet’s main goal is to enable the most sophisticated types of networking solutions, with industry-leading products, while identifying emerging trends, developing innovative solutions, and building strategic partnerships to deliver exceptional results. With a mission to transform businesses through strategic collaborations, we have built partnerships with some of the world’s best-known technology brands, including Radwin, Edgecore Networks, Scale Computing and many more. Our partnership with IDS Next, the global hospitality solutions provider, is a decision driven by that mission.

We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge or expertise. By joining forces with IDS Next, we promise innovative and secure solutions for the industry, ensuring businesses can embrace technology that boosts the efficiency and integrity of their operations. D2UNet, as a leading value-added distributor and reseller in cybersecurity solutions, will resume to thrive in the digital world with the partnership with IDS Next, upgrading the realm of hospitality.

Collaboration with hospitality technology experts such as IDS Next will provide our customers with data security assessments and tailored technology training content to their needs. Propelling a redefined success, we look forward to bringing better industry innovations with this collaboration, adding to the growth of the hospitality technology market.

“Teaming up with IDS Next empowers us to provide comprehensive hospitality solutions in the Oceania region. Leveraging IDS Next’s advanced hospitality software, which delivers an enterprise solutions for hotels and resorts, whether on the cloud or as a hybrid on-premise setup, along with their expert development team and support services, we are poised to deliver a top-notch hospitality software solution as an integral part of our total offering in the market.”

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