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Helping hotels accelerate direct website bookings

Today, nearly 80% of hotel bookings have moved online, and it is imperative for hotels to capture this demand through their website. To do that, Simplotel provides hotels with website and booking engine technology similar to that of online travel agencies (OTAs). 

Consider a scenario where you visit to search for hotels in New York City (NYC), but do not make a reservation. will now solicit you with offers via emails and other messaging channels to complete the booking. When you return to, your booking experience is now personalised on your past search of NYC. However, hotel websites continue to treat website visitors as complete strangers. Simplotel provides hotels with such OTA-like features to help you convert more website visitors into guests. 

Simplotel is currently powering e-commerce for over 2,000 hotels across 25 countries!

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About Simplotel

Simplotel is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology provider for hotels. It was founded with a single purpose – to help hotels drive more direct bookings. We believe that hotel bookings are moving online & hotels need superior technology to harvest this demand. Online travel agencies (OTAs) such as and MakeMyTrip have great technologies that help them drive bookings online. Our mission is to provide hotels with similar technologies.

    Key Benefits

    • Up to 10x growth in direct bookings
    • 90% savings in OTA commissions
    • Up to 6x growth in online visibility
    • Data-driven insights for revenue optimisation
    • Risk free — no lock-in period
    • No hardware investment required — completely cloud-based



    • Responsive & bespoke hotel websites
    • Conversion-focussed booking engine
    • Hotel website & booking synchronisation for a seamless booking journey
    • App-like user experience on smartphones
    • In-built SEO to drive more qualified traffic
    • Automated remarketing SMSes & mailers
    • Leverage member-only, promocode & remarketing discounts
    • Chain-wide offers and analytics
    • Secret deals and member rates
    • Give guests the option to ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Pay Later’ based on day of week, occupancy, etc.
    • Fast load time (even with videos) through dynamic resolution adjustment
    • Centralised scorecard with actionable data
    • Flexibility with payment policies & restrictions
    • Customised guest communication
    • Seamless two-way integration with leading channel managers & property management systems
    • Integration with multiple payment gateways
    • Certified Google Hotel Ads partner

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