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by | Sep 28, 2022

The travel, tourism, and hospitality industry in the MEA regions are seeing a rapid recovery post-covid, an occurrence which has not gone unnoticed.

Technology and automation have also played a massive part in increasing the revenue of tourism in the Middle East. Questionable thoughts of how well automation and technology must be embedded in the hospitality industry have risen by hoteliers to benchmark thriving markets. This is something technology service providers must consider before their product releases.   

Being a technology service provider in hospitality isn’t just about bringing a great product to market. Instead, it’s about having the foresight to chase continued evolution and innovation that keeps your product or service one step ahead of traveller demands and hoteliers’ needs.  The right digital partnerships help hotels to effectively transform their operations in a way that not only protects their bottom line but earns them a reputation of excellence amongst guests in an increasingly competitive market.   

Cloud services are now considered premium as hotel chains and brands focus on investing in digitization. As a result, a significant trend is shifting towards Enterprise Cloud solutions. The fear of guest data in public clouds is addressed by genuine Enterprise Cloud providers who offer private, secure cloud applications. IDS NEXT has invested in real cloud architecture as well as other common solutions. This is a serious advantage as this allows us to scale without inhibitions. We are a true enterprise chain solution provider with a private cloud with no shared databases. Our solutions are mobile-first, and this is one of the core factors required for design thinking.    

IDS Next focuses on bringing out the best in technology for the hospitality industry by offering a unique set of solutions that work with each other, like cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions—knowing that not all countries in the MEA regions are fully really Cloud-ready in terms of infrastructure, internet connectivity, or regional administrative reasons. The company considers servicing multi-segmented brands with multiple front-office solutions and working seamlessly with central solutions. Our Full-stack Enterprise Cloud Solutions offers a wide range of solutions for hotels, restaurants, wellness, clubs and leisure solutions. These products simplify guest communication and interaction in a contactless and hassle-less manner.  Our 24/7 omnichannel, multilingual support is the best in the industry.

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Rajesh Yadev | IDS NEXT


Rajesh P Yadav

Chief Revenue Officer

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