‘Going Green’ – A Trend On The Rise For The Hospitality Industry?

by | Jun 15, 2021

Millennials are making protests, climate activists are creating awareness, social media influencers are promoting e-friendly products, and some of us are simply re-posting #saveourplanet posts whilst sipping on a plastic straw – because ‘even a small effort goes a long way.’ Either way, humans are using up the planet’s resources at a rapid pace while continuing to show increased concerns about sustainability and climate change. It’s still a hot topic in every industry even after the global pandemic battered businesses. What does this mean for the hospitality industry? Read on to find out.

Acting as a responsible steward of the earth is no longer a moral imperative. It increasingly makes good business sense as guests are expecting more from hospitality providers. While some companies go green because it’s the right thing to do, some of them do so because it ultimately leads to better financial performance. Either way, it’s a win-win. So, what are some ways in which hotels can get eco-friendly?

Watch Your Waste

The hospitality industry makes a massive impact on the environment owing to the large amounts of waste created by hotels. A few steps hotels can take to reduce waste include providing guest room recycler baskets for newspaper, paper, glass, aluminium, cardboard, metal, and plastic, and setting up recycling bins in public areas, kitchens, and the back office. They can also undertake a food waste audit so that measurable steps can be taken to prevent unnecessary production and to have appropriate management plans to take care of any food waste generated.

Get The Staff Involved

Having a strong commitment towards environmental issues from the management is an important step in fostering a workplace that values and respects our environment. Hotels can get their staff involved by creating a ‘green team’ with the goal of continual improvement and scheduled re-evaluation and reporting.

Invest in Tech Solutions Requiring Less Hardware

Many modern guests are both environmentally engaged and self-sufficient, which is why it’s important to communicate the sustainability practices incorporated by the hotel. A hotel app like FX Gem would not only allow them to check-in and choose the services that they would need for their stay, but also help them travel safely during the pandemic. Using the digital device that guests already have, hotels can reduce (or eliminate) the use of paper—saving tons of water and chemicals used in paper processing—and reduce (or eliminate) wasteful plastic key cards. Paired with modern property-management-system platforms, mobile key software can revolutionise the guest journey in a hotel and add significant cost savings in the process.

Install Energy Saving Technology

Saving energy brings considerable benefits to hotels, helping to control and reduce operating costs while minimising emissions. Energy-saving initiatives can combine several aspects, including installing LED lighting (these bulbs last longer, are more durable, and use a fraction of the energy of regular lightbulbs), installing renewable energy systems (solar panels, for example), upgrading to high-efficiency HVAC systems and electrical appliances, and improving insulation to reduce losses from the building.

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