FX POS vs FX POS Ultra: Which POS works best for your hotel?  

by | May 25, 2023

POS (Point of Sale) is an integral part of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which allows hotels to conduct various transactions, manage processes and control inventories most effectively. FX POS and FX POS Ultra are two such next-generation point of sales system, which promises integrations with multiple other hotel solutions and facilitate hotels and restaurants to harness excellent guest experience.

What is FX POS?

FX POS allows the hotel transactional operations to be purely cloud-based and enhances the business’s ability to remotely manage all hotel and restaurant activities. It is ideal for a hotelier who uses technology to plan and execute activities on the go. It is also an excellent fit for chain hotels trying to centralise data from multiple outlets and small to medium-scale hotels needing a one-stop solution for ordering processes.

FX POS enables a smooth transition of activities and creates highly personalised value for customers in terms of product differentiation. FX POS is the next generation of service autonomation, allowing real-time data to be accessed and uploaded effortlessly to make various management and operational-level decisions. This also reduces the use of hardware to a greater extent, cutting installation costs and making it suit the needs of rising businesses and those spread across multiple venues. Moreover, FX POS can be accessed from multi-devices and locations. Therefore, FX POS enhances the overall operational excellence of hotels and restaurants by streamlining activities.

When to choose FX POS?

What type of situations require FX POS for a business?

Size of the business

If a hotel is a small-scale business entity with clear goals and objectives in mind serving a smaller cross-section of customers, FX POS can help them manage operations with the limited financial capabilities of the firm. FX POS requires minimal hardware to operate, with high accuracy of information flow and offering a high level of convenience to the hoteliers and customers.

Labour capacities

Maintenance of FX POS is less complex, and updates can take place regularly to have new features updated in seconds. FX POS can offer customers a speedy service, giving them an experience worth their investment. For restaurants and hotels dealing with labour shortages or minimal labour, this module will be able to respond to customer queries promptly and efficiently. Specifically, restaurants operating at a fast pace with short delivery times can make use of FX POS to minimise their operational issues.

Pace of operations

The POS system will be able to overcome human errors and shortages in labour and maintain accuracy in stock management so that the peak customer service times can be completed with zero complaints. FX POS helps such fast-paced restaurant or hotel environments minimise bottlenecks and maximise efficiency.

Operational needs

FX POS is suitable for firms with short hierarchies, allowing communication channels to be optimised to make the best use of two-way communication. This helps employees to know precisely what is expected of them. Task allocation, job assigning with the right-skilled individuals, shift management and inventory management, all can be tracked with FX POS.

Integration requirements

FX POS is also a one-stop solution to integrate all aspects of a hotel or restaurant operation, such as receiving timely competitor analysis, managing expenses, management of all stakeholders, and, more importantly, effective human resources management. FX POS can be best used to overcome several practical issues at the operational level; specifically, for a new hotel concept or a restaurant, FX POS paves the way to be ahead of the competition.

Finally, FX POS can boost business success for a hotel or restaurant that has suffered financially and operationally in the past few years due to the aftermath of the pandemic. FX POS is your solution to add value and remove non-value-added activities, identify the processes and master each task with innovative methods to minimise overhead costs.

What is FX POS Ultra?

FX POS Ultra joins the traditional approach and cloud-based operations, allowing business activities to be controlled either as an on-premise module or remotely on a cloud system and integrated into a hybrid system. This flexibility of FX POS Ultra offers more options and functionalities. It can also be integrated across all hotel or restaurant operation divisions. The features offered in the FX POS Ultra expand the number of solutions that can be given to a hotel or restaurant operation that is relatively large and has high scalability. FX POS Ultra is ideal for a growing organisation that has strong growth potential and requires the product to grow with the organisation.

Offering an array of features, FX POS Ultra is also the perfect solution for large-scale hotel brands or restaurant chains. The enhanced level of flexibility that can be offered by FX POS Ultra makes it perfect for hotels that have several overlapping activities.

When to Choose FX POS Ultra?

When should a hospitality business choose FX POS Ultra?

Here are some factors that they can consider.

Scalability plans

FX POS Ultra is the best solution for hotels and restaurants that are large-scale and is looking to expand operations in future. For instance, for a restaurant chain with multiple channels used for sales strategy, pricing can be altered through discriminating pricing methods, especially if the restaurant operates in multiple geographical locations. FX POS Ultra, therefore, targets the scalability of operations.

Nature of the business

FX POS Ultra is ideal for fine dining, QSR/fast food outlets, bars, pubs, clubs, cafes, and food courts. FX POS Ultra also provides evidence to scale promotional activities based on customer behaviour. This is a feature that adds value to the marketing efforts of the hotel or restaurant.

Operational needs

A large-scale business operation cannot be operated solely online. Such scalability requires on-site PMS as well as hybrid Point-of-Sale systems. The operational issues of a large-scale operation can be hugely varied. Therefore, FX POS Ultra allows such changes and variabilities possible and the firm to grow with the organisation. The number of users of FX POS Ultra is higher than FX POS. This makes FX POS Ultra more suitable for addressing various operational needs categories.

Employee management

Businesses can use FX POS Ultra to best manage human resources. It assists in target and resource allocation, initiates objectives for various teams and individuals, and measures the performance of each individual. Managing the human resources of a large-scale operation can be challenging due to workforce diversity and skill variability. A wide variety of activities and tasks can be managed most effectively, including strategy execution and smooth operations across divisions and geographical locations.

Finally, FX POS Ultra is most suitable for firms that require high centralisation due to economies of scale. Although it requires more hardware than FX POS, FX POS Ultra is the one-stop solution to optimise hazards and maintain quality across all operational activities.

FX POS vs FX POS Ultra: Which is the better fit for your organisation?

Both FX POS and FX POS Ultra have their rewards to the user as well as their drawbacks. By addressing each aspect of the POS system , users can select the most suitable POS system  that could best resolve operational issues and optimise goal achievement.

The right choice of POS system can also minimise human errors and effectively allocate resources. Resource limitations can be best addressed through the selection of POS system for a restaurant or hotel chain. This decision can change how restaurants and hotels are managed effectively. It will also pave the way towards the right strategy for the achievement of the vision and mission.