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The last three months have been hectic at IDS Next. First, we were swept up by the positive response to our mobility solution for restaurants, Envy Dine. Then we got wrapped in our 25th Anniversary celebrations, and now, we are delighted by requests for demos to the new version of our Hotel ERP, FortuneNEXT 6i.

This quarter, we launched a whole new service line called 'Internet and Mobility' Initiatives. We now empower our customers with enhanced data security with IDS NEXT Cloud based Back-up Solution, and for those want to reduce their energy bills, go ahead, leverage our 'Smart Energy Management' Solution.

IDS NEXT was able to play a prominent role at Hospitality India Conclave 2012, in Mumbai, and got significant media attention through-out this quarter.

True to our promise, 2012, our Jubilee year is turning out to be truly 'Happening'!

- Lilian D'Costa

  The Future is FortuneNEXT 6i  
IDS NEXT launches new version of enterprise-wide Hotel ERP, FortuneNEXT6i. The new application is built for virtualization and is iPad ready. It can also run on any tablet and offers a host of drill down reporting features so users can make more accurate decisions, and has clean, user friendly interfaces ... Read more>>
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Our offerings expand to Include Cloud based Backup Solution... read more   Empowering customers with Internet and Mobility Solutions ... read more
  In The Media  
  Case Study
Discover Smart Energy Management Solutions
  The client wanted to go beyond conventional energy management solutions, and leverage newer technology that would better deliver on results. The leading hospitality group uses a number of IDS NEXT products and so called upon us to conduct an energy audit at one of their hotels in Bangalore ... read more  
  Events Attended
IDS NEXT Attends Hospitality India Conclave 2012
  On 24th August 2012, IDS NEXT participated in the Hospitality India Conclave 2012. The event was attended by nearly 200 participants from hotels across hospitality segments... read more  
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