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Greetings !

As we bring 2013 to a close, we look back on a year well spent. The RezNext bouquet of solutions has expanded and offer tremendous opportunity to hotels using Fortune software. With RezNext, your hotel has the potential to grow its online visibility, increase hotel occupancy and enhance revenue. Your hotel now truly has access to a powerful real-time, two-way interface which is one of a kind.

Besides the interface to RezNext, this year IDS NEXT launched the new smart version of iAlert. The IDS NEXT Networks Group extended their offerings to include a music solution. We also have some interesting products waiting to jump out of the closet in 2014 as well.

We have also strengthened our presence in Sri Lanka, Africa and Middle East, not only by acquiring customers, but through forging vital reseller partnerships as well. So, enjoy reading our concluding Newsletter for this year.

Advance wishes for a happy, prosperous and healthy 2014!

New and Happening at IDS NEXT line-break

New Microsites for Sri Lanka & Africa
View the Smarter Version of iAlert
IDS Networks Offers Music Solution
The tourism industry in Sri Lanka and Africa is growing rapidly. To better interact with hoteliers from these growing markets, IDS NEXT has launched dedicated microsites for these regions:

Hotels respond to guests and stay connected with them even after their stay. The new and sleek version of iAlert is designed to wow your guests with personalized service.

Check out our music solution for hotels, restaurants, spas and other hospitality businesses. Listen to a demo and download a brochure to better understand the offering.

Case Study

19 Properties of Lords Hotels and Resorts Use IDS NEXT Software

Lords Inn and Resorts use IDS NEXT Software for nine years and benefit from higher employee productivity, increased operational efficiency and enhanced guest satisfaction.

Empowering Hotel ERP with RezNext Solutions

Online Reputation Management
Revenue Management Solution
Call us for a ReD Demo

Did you know guests are willing to pay more for hotels with higher Trust Scores? On an average, room prices go up $12 for every 1% increase in a hotel’s TrustScore™.

Adopt best practices controls and optimize room rates and maximize REVPAR at your hotel. Access a solution designed for your niche needs..

Get a real-time picture of your hotel room booking operations including the daily sales report all on a single dashboard - ReD.

In the Media


Binu Mathews is Keynote Speaker at 1st Hotel Show Expo Ethiopia 2013

Binu Mathews, CEO of IDS NEXT was invited to the largest hotel expo in Ethiopia as keynote speaker.

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