Life at IDS


1. What do you like the most about the IDS culture? 

Ideas for answers: 

  • Positive employee relationships 
  • Integrity and honesty 
  • Team spirit 
  • Team socialising opportunities 
  • Prioritising employee wellbeing 
  • Equal opportunities 

2. How long have you worked at IDS? 

Ideas for answers: 

You can mention a number. But it can also be something similar to: 

“I’m pretty new here, but I’m already liking it”
“I have been with IDS for a while, and I love that journey”
“Still new to the company but am eager to learn” 

3. What makes you want to stay at IDS? 

Ideas for answers: 

  • Career development opportunities 
  • Employee appreciation and recognition 
  • Global exposure 
  • Attractive benefits 
  • Fair treatment 
  • Positive mentorship 
  • Clear company vision and goals 
  • Company’s sense of social responsibility

4. What’s the best part of your job? 

Ideas for answers: 

  • Being able to do what I love 
  • Chances to follow my passion 
  • Opportunities to improve my skills 
  • Opportunities to learn new skills 
  • Flexible work setups 
  • Chance to work with the latest technologies/ tools 

5. What do you look forward to when starting work? 

    Ideas for answers: 

    • Being able to do what I love 
    • Working together with my team
    • Creating/ designing something new 
    • Sharing new knowledge 
    • Being able to make a difference 

    6. What’s your day like when working for IDS? 

    Ideas for answers: 

    This question can be a very chill way of describing what an average work day is like. A couple of examples: 

    • Working from home:  After I clock in, I grab my coffee and start my laptop. I like that there is a lot of clear communication with my superiors and/or my team to clarify any complex project/ task requirements. It helps to get the work done right. 
    • Working from office: Once the morning routine of going through emails and my schedule is done, I get to work. I have the creative freedom when I start my work but I always love to get the others’ input. After all, team work makes the dream work. 

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