FortuneNEXT 6i Genie

genieFortuneNEXT 6i Genie is IDS Next’s small hotel software. It is developed to cater to the unique needs of limited service hotels, service apartments, lodges, motels, budget hotels and other hospitality businesses. This small yet powerful hotel software runs on a single database and offers users a quick overview of the hotel’s entire operations.


  • Front Office Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Point of Sale
  • Telephone Management
  • Materials Management


  • Robust hotel audit mechanism
  • Proven quicker reservations on a single screen
  • PA DSS Certified
  • IDS Next Report Writer
  • Interface to hotel mobile apps Easy Dine and Easy Check-In
  • Interface to Hotel 360 Hospitality Solutions like Business Intelligence, Revenue Management, Online Reputation Management
  • Interface to distribution platform including channel manager and web booking engine
  • Interface to last-minute room booking app, RoomsTonite
  • An attractive user-friendly and easy-to navigate interface


  • Compact and user friendly application
  • Scalable as hotel grows
  • Strong application architecture for faster performance
  • Higher automation for optimized use of manpower
  • Enhanced guest satisfaction